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My name is Jordan Lee and I am 17 years old. My birthday is on 21st September. I live in Maidenhead, England, and get good grades at my school in Maidenhead- Newlands girls school. I have two older sisters called Rebecca and Sarah who are 29 and 27. For my 10th birthday my mum took me ice-skating and I loved it so much that I wanted to start taking lessons. Shortly after me and my friend Connie took the Learn to skate course there, but she took a nasty fall and was scared of what might happen to her after that. So she quit. Me not being a very confident person, I decided to stay and do it on my own. I think that really helped boost my confidence and I found myself flying through the levels. When I got to level 5 I got my own skates and started taking private lessons not long after that. I only had a dance coach for the first two years of skating, so I was making quick progress in dance, but not in free. I decided to get a free coach-Emily- as she was a new coach and I wanted to try her out. She is a very good coach, and although I've only had her for a few months now, we are beginning on some new jumps like double toe loop, double salchow and combination spins and jumps. I still work just as hard in my dance though and have recently passed four more dance tests. I am hoping to get a new free program, as the old one is getting slightly boring and is a bit slow for me now. On saturday mornings I get to the rink at 8:00am, and although some people at my school call me crazy, I don't think it is the slightest bit! Unfortunately, my mum and dad have to work full-time to help fund for my skating, and they never have time to take me skating apart from the weekends. Luckily enough for me, I have a friend at school who skates at my rink and her mum offered to take me skating every tuesday. Once I have finished all my tests, I hope to become a coach for other people to learn as I did and maybe even go to the olympics as soon as I am old enough.

I have two coaches at the moment, My free coach Emily Archer-Doran who is 23 so still land jumps which helps incredibly and my dance coach is Helen Prior, who used to coach my mum when she skated. They are both really supportive and I know I could not have come as far without them.